Wagonblast - Clean Energy, Sustainable Technologies

oktober 2014

Wagonblast relocates to DTU Science City

Wagonblast has relocated offices and labs to EEH (The Eco Entrepreneur House) located in the DTU-Risø (Denmark’s Technical University, Risø Campus) science park. With more space and more expertise at hand we are moving faster in our prototyping process than ever before.


EEH provides Green entrepreneurs with facilities to get their ideas through the prototyping stages. Besides providing state-of-the-art tools and software, we also get access to DTU students looking to get a taste of what start-ups are doing with cutting edge technology. This has added two students to our development team along with a Ph.d. post-doc helping us to build our clean room facilities.


Revolutionary news within the LED Lighting

Our revolutionary Stick ’n Click LED lighting is getting ready to roll! First out of the gate is our LEDhalo downlight, delivering 600 lumen at just 8W. The lamp is a fully integrated unit weighing just 40 gram and applicable to any surface using adhesive tape or screws. No need to make any changes to the surface: just stick it on and connect the cable to the bun-size transformer using a USB cable! Oh, and it is easy to ceiling mount as well. Again no need to lower the ceiling or drill any holes – just stick ’n click connect the downlight to the transformer. The transformer can be mounted directly on top of the AC power outlet and power up to eight downlights.

We are initially looking for B2B partners who could integrate LEDhalo lighting into their products and services. Potential partners could be housing developers, ceiling tile manufacturers, kitchen furniture companies, interior architects and designers etc.