Wagonblast - Clean Energy, Sustainable Technologies

Brands and Innovation

Wagonblast is a R&D focused company. Our focus area is coatings and lighting. We have filed patents in these areas and developed prototypes to demonstrate features and functions.

Our corporate strategy is to develop IP and prototypes and then take these early-stage products to the next level: small-scale production and proof-of-market.

Upon reaching that level, we look to professional investors and manufacturing leaders to join us in bringing products to global markets.


We currently operate with four brands:

  1. BLUfang – next generation backlighting technology with the potential to lower a standard LCD BLU energy consumption by 95%
  2. TUBEFLOW – next generation biomimetic surface technology for 80% less friction in water
  3. LEDedison – the perfect replacement for Edison E27 bulb
  4. LEDhalo – the perfect down light replacement for halogen spots


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