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Portfolio>BLUfang   The BLUfang Patent: A RADIATION EMITTING ELEMENT AND A METHOD OF PROVIDING IT filed on November 6, 2009, and assigned PCT International Application No. PCT/EP2009/064753; and amended on May 5, 2011   IP developed by Wagonblast founder Jens Stubbe Østergaard to provide extremely efficient and versatile LCD backlighting. Power efficiency – BLU consume […]


TUBEFLOW - The First Practical Deployment Of Wagonblast Surface Technology Tubeflow is a nanotech designed surface inspired by underwater insects that are able to reduce water friction up to 80% by maintaining a layer of air (a so-called plastron) between themselves and the surrounding water.   It allows the insects to move faster and expend […]


LEDedison Lighting up a great new business opportunity   The Need and the Market 12 billion E27 bulbs were sold globally in 2012, but it is inefficient – and fast becoming illegal in many countries No low-energy alternative has yet satisfied consumer needs for a reasonable priced quality bulb replacement Next generation Lighting is a […]