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The BLUfang Patent: A RADIATION EMITTING ELEMENT AND A METHOD OF PROVIDING IT filed on November 6, 2009, and assigned PCT International Application No. PCT/EP2009/064753; and amended on May 5, 2011


IP developed by Wagonblast founder Jens Stubbe Østergaard to provide extremely efficient and versatile LCD backlighting.

  • Power efficiency – BLU consume 95% less for same LCD brightness
  • Low production cost –roll to roll printed electronics processing
  • Quality – Unrivalled brightness, black level, Colours & resolution
  • Absence of Beyer filter means no Moire effect
  • Form factor fit within a complete phone LCD <0,8 mm
  • Rugged enough for pen input
  • Direct sunlight readability
  • Privacy view or shared view as you please
  • 3D viewing with no power penalty and no resolution penalty
  • Easy PV integration so your screen can power your phone
  • Bright enough to use as a camera flash or a flash light


How Does It Work?

RGB Light is sequentially fed into a waveguide (a transparent plate coated and patterned with Teflon). Bouncing light inside the waveguide exits open lightgates with index matched fluids in contact with the waveguide and ignores shut lightgates with low refractive index fluids in contact with the waveguide. Sequential RGB frames enable the removal of the costly, power consuming and Moire infested Beyer filter, which quadruples the resolution. Advanced algorithms controls the minimum optical power for each RGB frame, which on average contribute 66% less power consumption while also ensuring way better color rendition. 3D, privacy view and shared view are options the user choose whenever they desire. Opening alternating sets of lightgates with optics that direct light left and right creates 3D. Opening both left and right oriented lightgates creates wide view. Opening lightgates with special narrow emission creates privacy view, and by the way reduce the power consumption drastically below the already impressive 95% lower consumption than similar LCD’s.


The advantage: 3D, fantastic display metrics and extreme power efficiency.