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Lighting up a great new business opportunity


The Need and the Market

  • 12 billion E27 bulbs were sold globally in 2012, but it is inefficient – and fast becoming illegal in many countries
  • No low-energy alternative has yet satisfied consumer needs for a reasonable priced quality bulb replacement
  • Next generation Lighting is a huge global market with no clear winners yet

Consumers Want Same Form Factor And Light

Wagonblast’s in-surface LED lighting technology delivers price and performance improvement without compromise, combining lowest energy consumption, largest lit surface and longest lifetime with exact form and light quality match. Using unique material our production costs are half that of any LED competitor


Consumers Don’t Like Today’s Alternatives

Consumers are buying compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLB) to replace the energy inefficient E27 Edison incandescent bulb, but nobody likes these folded neon tubes – the shape is wrong, the light is dull and they contain mercury. Halogen down lighting doesn’t reduce the energy bill, and quality LEDs replacements are too expensive for the mass consumer market. Everyone agrees that LEDs are the future, but no one has cracked the consumer market code yet. LEDedison and LEDhalo meet customer expectations at half the current LED pricing levels


Wagonblast Technology Cracks The Code

The novel Wagonblast technology inserts the LED chip into the transparent bulb surface and emits light across the whole lamp surface resulting in optimized energy efficiency and production costs. At this early stage in the LED replacement cycle we can win market share fast, with an environmental friendly cradle-to-cradle product. Early investors stand to gain a significant profit in a sell-off. Channel partners get first mover advantages in a fast growth market. A system partner in energy management solutions gets an intelligent general lighting platform


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