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- The First Practical Deployment Of Wagonblast Surface Technology

Tubeflow is a nanotech designed surface inspired by underwater insects that are able to reduce water friction up to 80% by maintaining a layer of air (a so-called plastron) between themselves and the surrounding water.


It allows the insects to move faster and expend less energy to catch their prey.

Tubeflow recreates this ability using state-of-the-art nanotechnologies targetting a wide variety of product environments: water pipes, water tanks, swimsuits, wind turbines, underwater foundations and boats (everything from kayaks to super tankers) – even solar cell arrays.


Tubeflow is the first practical application of the Wagonblast technology and will provide an internal coating for polyethylene (PE plastic) water pipes. This R&D work is supported by VTU (the Danish Water Sector Technology Development Fund), whose members, the Danish water industry see significant potential and perspectives in pipes with reduced friction properties. Advantages are three-fold: lower energy usage for pumping, inability of micro-organisms to attach to the surface, and extending the life-time of the pipe itself.

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The surface is still in prototype phase with Wagonblast project partner, FORCE Technologies (a Danish Technology Institute) providing the nano-level characterisation of the surface to document structure and performance.

Next step is measure Tubeflow surface performance in a PE100 pipe.