Wagonblast - Clean Energy, Sustainable Technologies

Business Model

The Business 

Being an R&D company, we rely on NRE (non-recurring engineering) contracting and license revenues.

In each product category: piping, turbines, shipping, clothing etc. we aim to establish production companies, equally owned by the manufacturer, the investor and Wagonblast.

What drives us is the development of better, more eco-friendly products.

What feeds us will be license revenues, NRE and research grants.



Our funding of the development is a three stage process:


  • Phase 1 – Founder funding, Grants
  • Phase 2 – The next-phase Private funding aims to gain access to high-net worth individuals ‘business angels’ with sufficient available funds and personal interests to invest a limited amount in the company – possibly through a
  • construction of one company ensuring that a future exit benefits all shareholders. This presupposes close cooperation with a bank or pension fund company who can administrate wealthy individuals’ investments in Wagonblast.
  • Phase 3 – Attracting the right market partners per market segment able to manufacture and distribute the product globally.
  • Attracting also Private funding or professional investors to finance production and roll-out costs.