Wagonblast - Clean Energy, Sustainable Technologies


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Manufacturers and Investors

Wagonblast core technology is a ’platform technology’ that is adaptable to many specific usage environments. For exploitation in targeted market segments, we are looking for global industrial partners with strong presence in their specific markets to provide the necessary production and distribution capabilities, and professional investors looking for long term investment opportunities.


Wagonblast is an innovation-focused company – and well connected to the world of manufacturing 

  • The Working Relationship

    Our contribution is access to our technology and know-how.

    Our exploitation partners provides funding and expertise to employ our technology in their industrial scale production facilities and employ their sales and distribution channels to bring products with Wagonblast technology to market.

    The professional investors provide financial resources needed to set up the operations and achieve cash flow positive operations.

  • The Exit Strategy

    Wagonblast owns the corporations set up to address different market segment jointly with our exploitation partners and retain license income from the sales. When specific corporations are successful either of the exploitation partners can exit or buy the other partners out. Wagonblast for our part is ready to sell off its ownership and merely retain a license relationship.