Wagonblast - Clean Energy, Sustainable Technologies


Our Sustainability Pledge

Environmental sustainability is a critical design requirement from day-1 in our R&D – not an afterthought!

The shift from incandescent bulb technology to LED lighting reduces the electricity consumption by 80-90% and extends the lifetime of the product 3-10 times.

Similarly the shift from halogen to LED down lighting halves energy consumption while extending product life 3-10 times.

Our surface technology not only extends product life time, but also reduces bio-fouling and water contamination.

We work hard to avoid using materials and production processes that adversely impact the environment.

Ultimately, we are also designing for re-cycling, striving to create cradle-to-cradle products where parts are easily replaced and the whole product can be taken apart and re-assembled into new products.

We will strive to have any product using our technology approved to the highest environmental standards.