Wagonblast - Clean Energy, Sustainable Technologies

Point of Departures

In 2009 WagonBlast was incorporated and received its first private funding from partners and founders. The key interest of the founders was – in the words of the great Thomas Edison – to take existing solutions and improve them through the application and development of technology.

The inspiring and guiding quote has always been:

There is a better way – you just have to find it!”

We are fascinated by and focused on improving ’flows’: air flow, water flow, electron flows – even photon flows right down to the nanotechnology level.


Wagonblast is a product development company generating unique IP – using our IP and materials know-how to design and productize innovation.


Wagonblast is a market challenger in advanced materials. We use materials with disruptive potential to improve the performance of light sources and surfaces. We are on the wave of innovation in chemistry and material science. Wagonblast has an outstanding portfolio addressing multi-billion dollar markets in energy, semiconductors, medical devices, agriculture and more