Wagonblast - Clean Energy, Sustainable Technologies


  • Behind Wagonblast

    The founding team behind Wagonblast is CTO Jens Stubbe Østergaard, CEO Bernt Stubbe Østergaard and CFO Richard Ledborg Hansen.

    All of them seasoned entrepreneurs and well-versed in bringing a start-up company to the level of a small to medium sized technology company with a global span of partnerships and interests.

    Combined they have a truly impressive network that covers most industries and stretches across the globe.

  • Vandtårn i Risø

  • Bernt Stubbe Ostergaard

    CEO – Chief Executive Officer

    Bernt is a highly skilled technical analyst within the technology industry and has held several management position in international analytical companies notably MetaGroup (bought by Gartner Group) and Giga Information Group (bought by Forrester). Bernt brings to the table invaluable technical insight, global perspectives and a sound practical no-nonsense approach to building a technology company.


  • Jens Stubbe Ostergaard

    CTO – Chief Technology Officer Jens is an experienced entrepreneur with several successful start-ups behind him. Jens is by nature inquisitive and professionally curious and fits the description of a textbook innovator, co-creator and old-fashioned inventor. He challenges our imagination by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and how to turn complexity into user-friendly and sustainable products.


  • Richard Ledborg Hansen

    CFO – Chief Financial Officer Richard has been in management all his life and with his strong skills in leadership and financials – including a stint in a technology VC – supplemented by organizational development – in which he presently does research – he contributes to the company’s continued development by maintaining a focused approach to overall business development, financing and administration across the board.


Engineering students Emil Davos and Nikolaj Kildemoes. These are the future leaders in our industry and need to get their entrepreneurial experience while still studying. Being digital natives, they bring an open, inquisitive mind to the well-structured work environment.

Seid Pakdast is a nanotechnology post doc. He is the most recent arrival, joining the company on July 1st to focus on building our clean room environment, and conducting test.