Wagonblast - Clean Energy, Sustainable Technologies


What are our common denominators?

In other words;

Take what’s out there – rethink it – improve it – and deliver a cleaner and more user-friendly way!

The overall purpose of Wagonblast is to contribute to a more sustainable environment for all of us – today as well as for future generations.

We work to achieve this through innovative use of technology applied to existing product technologies aimed at significant improvement of their value proposition while lowering the environmental impact.



What kind of “improve the world” approach do we have?

  • Energy consumption optimization

  • Toxic free materials (preferably re-usable/re-cycleable)

  • Renewable energy capture

    • Optimizing energy consumption by using materials that delivers a better value AND at a lesser price, i.e. LED bulbs
    • Optimizing energy consumption by reducing drag in water resulting in lower over-all fuel consumption and less pollution
  • We strive to create products with much longer active life time than the products they replace and we avoid single-point-of failure technology (death-dating of products), but we have a ways to go before we can deliver a cradle-to-cradle development – but then that’s what goals are for!

    • Wind mill improvement for better energy capture and less tear-n-wear
    • Better solar panel usage by reducing tear-n-wear